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soft tissue engineering and dermo-cosmetics

Pionneering the future of

Welcome to the cutting edge of medical and cosmetic innovation. 

At the forefront of medical innovation, our Soft Tissue Engineering Department is dedicated to pioneering solutions in tissue repair and regeneration, leveraging our expertise to revolutionize both healthcare and skincare.

Our commitment extends beyond clinical applications to our exclusive dermo-cosmetics brand, where we merge scientific breakthroughs with daily skincare essentials.

This unique blend of advanced science and practical beauty care exemplifies our dedication to enhancing overall well-being, from therapeutic alternatives to everyday skincare routines with Blue Skincare.

Our Research & Development

Our dedicated team, at the cutting edge of soft tissue engineering, is committed to transformative research bridging medical and cosmetic fields. We excel in developing advanced skincare solutions, emphasizing sustainable practices and effectiveness.


Our work ranges from pioneering medical treatments to enhancing daily skincare routines with science-backed products. Discover more about our innovative skincare line and its scientific foundations on Blue Skincare's website, where our commitment to quality and efficacy comes to life.

  • Lipids extracted from mother-of-pearl were tested on delipidated skin explants, and showed an overexpression of filaggrin and a decrease in the expression of transglutaminase. These lipids could be used to treat dermatitis.

    Ref: Rousseau M, Bédouet L, Lati E, Gasser P, Le Ny K, Lopez E. Restoration of stratum corneum with nacre lipids. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 2006;145(1):1‑9.

  • When NACRE ACTIVE-NACR-45® is applied to delipidated skin explants, the level of filaggrin increases very strongly at 3 hours and maintains the increase after 1 day of application. Thus, the restoration and strengthening of the barrier function occur extremely quickly.

    Ref: Study on an ex vivo delipidation model with NACRE ACTIVE-NACR-45® at 0.5 and 2% conducted by MEGA BIOPHARMA has confirmed the results of previous studies.

  • NACRE ACTIVE-NACR-45® promotes the expression of fibronectin and type I collagen increases on mechanically injured skin explants and speeds up the healing process. Thus, the repair and regeneration of the skin occur rapidly and in a controlled manner.

    Ref: Study on an ex vivo wound healing model with NACRE ACTIVE-NACR-45® at 0.5 and 2% conducted by MEGA BIOPHARMA has confirmed the results of previous studies.

Advancing Science & Skincare

Explore the breakthroughs we've achieved in soft tissue engineering and dermo-cosmetics. Our focused research and comprehensive testing have led to notable advancements, marrying scientific discovery with practical skincare solutions.

Dive into our curated series of publications and detailed test reports.

These pieces highlight our strides in enhancing medical treatments and developing transformative skincare products. Join us in exploring these innovations that are shaping the future of health and beauty.

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