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At MEGA BIOPHARMA, our commitment to pioneering biomaterial technology is complemented by a robust financial foundation. At the heart of our innovation is the groundbreaking Bionacre® technology, a unique biomaterial breakthrough poised to redefine tissue repair and regeneration. This revolutionary technology, born out of decades of research, solidifies our leading position in the realm of biomedical innovation.


Our journey in advancing Bionacre® has been significantly supported by substantial financial investments. Beginning with an initial €15 million from our founders, followed by an additional €7.5 million from pre-Series A funding, and with a targeted €15 million in the upcoming Series A round, we are strategically positioned to propel our groundbreaking technology to new heights. This funding is not only crucial for refining our technology but also for obtaining the necessary certifications for our market debut in Europe and the US.

Our focus remains unwavering: to harness the power of Bionacre® and its derivatives, transforming the landscape of medical treatments worldwide. With each financial contribution and scientific advancement, MEGA BIOPHARMA consistently sets new standards in the domain of biomaterial technology.

Bionacre® Technology Pipeline

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