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Bionacre® - The power of nacre without any compromise

The full power of nacre without any compromise



The only patented extraction technology that brings the full power of nacre delivering unprecedented clinical results

Bionacre® - 3D printing

An Innovative technology.

Our manufacturing process is designed to transform and extract the pure and bioactive fractions of nacre while preserving their integrity. This results in a dual-matrix biomaterial specifically crafted for diverse therapeutic areas within tissue repair and regeneration.


Our unparalleled and unmatched technology enables us to generate materials and active ingredients based on nacre in various forms. These include osteosynthesis materials, compact, granules, lyophilized powder, solutions, 3D printing materials, and pastes. This versatile capability empowers us to explore different administration routes such as implants, oral, injectable, and topical applications across a spectrum of healthcare environments.

And for all domains.

Bionacre® Powder form
Bionacre® Liquid form
Bionacre® Compressed form
Bionacre® Topical form
Bionacre® Compact form

Bionacre® in all its forms.

NACRE-ACTIVE-NACR-125® technology dedicated to dietary supplements provides a unique source of nutrition and well-being.

NACRE-ACTIVE-NACR-125® offers a natural source of essential nutrients, supporting overall health.

The bioactive compounds in NACRE-ACTIVE-NACR-125® promote a healthier and more rapid healing process, enhancing its performance as a dietary supplement.

Supportive Care
Bionacre® in skin repair & disorders

Bionacre® technology stands at the forefront of bone and joint repair. With its unique natural dual-matrix composition and remarkable bioactivity, Bionacre® technology presents unparalleled potential for the healing and regeneration of bones and joints. Its distinctive properties, including optimized and controlled resorbability, osteoconductive, osteoinductive, osteointegrative, and ancillary bioactivity, position it as a disruptive force in dental and orthopedic applications.

Bone & Joint Repair​
Bionacre® in supportive care

NACRE-ACTIVE-NACR-45® technology offers a novel approach to Skin Repair and Disorders Management. This distinct and patented technology preserves the purity of the mineral matrix and encapsulates the essential proteins and lipids of nacre, fully leveraging its potential in the fields of dermocosmetics and dermatology.​

Skin repair & Disorders
Bionacre® in bone & joint repair
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