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At MEGA BIOPHARMA, we bring together a collective of engineers, scientists, regulatory and quality experts, and clinical advisors to pave the way through disruptive biomaterial technology for tissue repair and regeneration.

Our commitment is firmly rooted in the transformative Power of Nacre, respectfully tapping into the wonders of biodiversity and our extensive expertise to engineer unparalleled biomaterials and ingredients.

Driven by the pursuit of innovative technology, our dedicated team develops therapeutic options and supportive care that provide lasting solutions for patients suffering from bone, joint, and skin conditions.

Together, we are establishing new frontiers of medical science, ensuring that our pioneering technology leads to benefits for people around the world.

Our mission: to introduce a groundbreaking approach that repairs, regenerates, and reinforces tissues, for a better quality of life.

Our Managing Team.

Joël Drai

Founder President

Didier Bensadoun
Didier bensadoun


Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho

Manufacturing & Logistics Director

Laurène Guion
Laurene guion

Quality & Regulatory Affairs Director

Mickaël Saada
Mickael Saada

Bone Regeneration Director

Our Partners.

Our Scientific Advisors.

Dr Marthe Rousseau
Marthe Rousseau

Head of Scientific Committee

CNRS Researcher - International scientific referent on the bioactivity of nacre INSERM U1059

Dr Georges Camprasse
Dr Georges Camprasse

Nacre Expert

PhD in Dental Surgery Paris University of Medicine​

Members of the New York Academy of Sciences​

Dr Laurent Helewa
Dr Laurent Helewa

Scientific & Business Advisor

Dental Surgeon

Pr Marc Slama
Pr Marc Slama

Medical Expert

Former head of plastic and maxillo-facial surgery department – Hôtel Dieu

Dr Philippe Cottin
Dr Philippe Cottin

Medical Expert

Reconstructive surgeon

A. Béclère Hospital

Dr Daniel Chappard
Dr Daniel Chappard

Medical Expert

Reconstructive surgeon - ​GEROM Research Group on Bone Remodeling & Biomaterials​

Dr Thierry Madar
Dr Thierry Madar

Medical Expert


Pr Jacques Theron
Pr Jacques Théron

Medical Expert

Neuroradiologist & Back pain specialist

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