Mega BioPharma’s Team


Through the unique experience of its founders, MegaBioPharma has developed a recognized worldwide expertise around the use of a natural biomaterial issued from the internal layer of sea shells (« Nacre »). The R&D works completed by the Mega BioPharma scientitifc team allowed the generation of multiple innovative products and devices, with specific processes supported by a worldwide range of patents. In addition, the international experience of its management, familiar with Public companies requirements, ensures his entire focus on key aspects such as Regulatory and Quality, Risk Management, Market and Financials.


 Since 2009, MEGA BioPharma was built around


1 - Medical Background and Management Experience of its founders:

Joel Drai has created and developed MEGA Dental, a major actor in Dental Distribution in France. More recently (2007) another acquisition of a 100M€ French veterinary distributor.  

Dominique Gourmelen: Graduated from HEC Paris, 12 years as the C.F.O. of a large US company, after several other positions (Finance, MIS, Project Management) in international environment. 


2 - A unique scientific team: World Pioneers of Nacre (“Mother-of-Pearl”): 

Drs. Serge and Georges Camprasse were the discoverers of Nacre in medical areas. 

They are the world experts of this material, with a unique knowledge about the scientific, clinical, surgical aspects, as well as operating considerations (sourcing, manufacturing of devices and ancillaries) of this innovative biomaterial.


3 - A strong network for Regulatory Environment and Scientific Cooperation: 

Familiar with Public Companies and their high level of expectations and requirements, we work with a team of professional advisors for Quality, Regulatory, Legal and Intellectual Property aspects.

Collaborations have been developed with several hospitals and well-known scientific institutions.


4 - An acceleration of the Team construction:

2018 has been a very important year in recruiting new talents such as a renowned surgeon, a new development manager and a strategic advisor.

Mega BioPharma’s facilities


Mega Biopharma is a privately owned company.  Safety, Quality, Performance and Environmental respect are the main drivers of our industrial strategy.

During the last 8 years we have been able to invest in order to build a facility dedicated to R&D and Production : 


- With a clean room and the latest high-tech equipment

- Green friendly (Solar energy supplied)

- Managed by a professional team

- In agreement with ISO Quality standards 






Examples of devices


Clean room


Crusher and Grinder






Mega BioPharma’s Financials


Since in 2009 a self-financing strategy has allowed Mega BioPharma to monitor it's development.

Main investments made on:

- Patents in more than 44 countries

- Facilities, Equipment and team building

- All Safety tests 

- Technology development

- Efficacy demonstration, in vitro, in vivo tests and human

- Scientific publications, etc… 


Financial information on the acceleration phase available and request.

Mega Bio Pharma®