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Bionacre bone graft

The world's first ideal bone graft

Bone Graft 



For all dental and orthopaedic surgeons

Our bone graft material marks a revolutionary approach to addressing bone loss. Formulated from pristine and bioactive nacre through our patented Bionacre® technology, it represents a significant advancement in the management of bone defects and non-load bearing bone voids.

Meeting all criteria for the ideal bone graft, including biocompatibility, bioactivity, structural integrity, and resorbability, our innovation stands out as a uniquely clear and disruptive force in the fields of dental and orthopaedic surgery. Acknowledged as the world's first biomaterial solution of its kind, it provides practitioners and patients with a secure, efficient and user-friendly approach to bone healing.

A cutting-edge biomaterial.

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The robust interaction between nacre-based particles and bone cells substantiates their osteointegrative properties, confirming the biomaterial's effectiveness in promoting bone integration and healing

With unique properties.

Bionacre® BG stands out with a dual composition of ceramic and organic components, each integral to bone healing. The mineral phase lays down a robust osteoconductive framework essential for bone cell attachment and initial growth, while the organic matrix, rich in bioactive compounds, delivers additional benefits that significantly amplify bone regeneration. Together, they synergize to form a dynamic environment, enhancing and actively promoting the new bone ingrowth.​

Innovative Dual Matrix

The dual-matrix of Bionacre® endows it with both osteoconductive and osteoinductive  properties. The ceramic component provides a supportive scaffold, while the organic phase, rich in bioactive molecules, enhances the bone healing and growth process. ​

Osteoconductive & Osteoinductive
Bionacre Osteoconductive & osteoinductive

Total bioresorbability with a kinetic rate of 9,8 mm3 per week​

The resorbability of our bone graft is optimized to support bone tissue during the critical healing phase, before being gradually replaced by new bone. This careful balance is key for maintaining the bone structure during regeneration and for avoiding the need for secondary surgical removal. The kinetic resorption is the cornerstone of our graft's success.

Optimized Resorbability

The bioactive nature of Bionacre® is among its standout features. It supports and actively drives bone regeneration, with its osteoinductive capabilities inducing mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate into osteoblasts. The process is crucial for new bone formation and essential in complex clinical setting.

Bionacre® is enriched with organic compounds that extend beyond structural benefits, promoting a healthier and optimized healing process. These additional bioactive properties augment the graft's overall performance.

Bioactivity & Ancillary Properties

Nacre stimulates bone-forming cells to result in new bone formation

Bionacre Optimized resorbability

Campana V & al. "Bone substitutes in orthopaedic surgery: from basic science to clinical practice" J Mater Sci Mater Med, 2014

2 Million

patients undergo bone grafting surgery each year

Bionacre Brick & mortar structure

Check what is under the hood 

Innovative technology

3D printing nacre

One technology, an infinite number of applications. 

Versatile technology


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We are excited to share a landmark achievement at Mega Biopharma: the successful closure of our Pre-Series A funding round, with an impressive €7.5 million raised. This funding marks a pivotal moment in our journey, opening new avenues for innovation and development.


Celebrating Quality Excellence: Mega Biopharma Achieves ISO 9001 Certification

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Mega Biopharma is excited to announce the launch of our Series A funding round, with an ambitious goal of raising €15 million. This critical step forward aligns with our vision to be at the forefront of biotechnological innovation, particularly in advancing our pioneering Bionacre® technology.

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