Patented extraction technology


What is the patented biomaterial Bionacre®?

Bionacre® refers to products developed by MEGA BIOPHARMA that involve nacre, regardless of application.

The biomaterial Bionacre® exists in several forms:

1. Solid form

In solid form it is used to produce implants (plates, screws, dental implants, anchors, etc.) particularly for osteosynthesis (surgical fracture treatment techniques, skeletal problems).

2. Powder form

Depending on its specifications, in powder form it can be used alone (as a bone substitute) or combined with other ingredients found in the formulations of products (dermocosmetic and dermatological creams, dietary supplements, injectable cements used in vertebroplasty, etc).

3. Compact form

Compressed nacre powder is used to produce compact moulded implants (substitute bone pieces), with bioresorbable properties.

4. Liquid form

The liquid form is made from nacre powder, and can be used as an ingredient in various dermocosmetic and dermatological preparations.


Pinctada maxima.

After extensive research on the structure and properties of various types of nacre, Doctors Serge and Georges Camprasse selected a particular type of oyster: Pinctada maxima.

This work led to the development of Bionacre®, a revolutionary natural biomaterial extracted from nacre. Whether in solid form (cut pieces), compact (moulded pieces), in powder form or as extracts, Bionacre® promotes regeneration and repair of hard tissue (bone) and soft tissue (skin, muscles, mucus membranes), governed by the receivers sites.

A strong, sustainable patenting strategy has been developed to protect this innovative technology. 5 patent families filed in 40 countries.

97% mineral
3% organic


Composition of nacre

The composition of nacre is at least 97% mineral and at most 3% organic.

The close bonding of the mineral and organic structures of nacre give rise to an “ultrastructure”, whereby the aragonite crystals are the bricks and the organic fraction is the mortar.