“Learn from nature: that is where our future lies.”

Leonardo da Vinci


Innovation inspired by nature.

Doctors Camprasse are the inventors of our patented biomaterial a sustainable innovation inspired by nature.

Having been shell collectors since their early childhood, in 1982 they had an idea that they now describe as self-evident, even though the premise seemed crazy at first: what if the nacre of a specific species of shellfish, which is ivory-coloured and harder than a bone, could be a substitute for it? They then embarked on research work which led them to make major discoveries, and which was the subject of a host of scientific publications as far back as the late 1980s.

When passionate biomaterials enthusiast Joël Drai crossed paths with the Camprasse brothers in 2009, he was fascinated by their ingenuity and perseverance, and by their wealth of research work. He aligned himself with their vision: believing in the potential of nacre to treat beings.

Joël Drai then decided to set up MEGA BIOPHARMA, involving the dental surgeon twins in the venture. Ever since, the founding team has been determined to draw on these discoveries to design and develop medical devices and treatments to enhance the medicine of the future and yield benefits for the wider population.


The genesis of MEGA BIOPHARMA


Start of research works by the Doctors Camprasse on nacre.


Invention of a nacre based biomaterial Proof of its safety and biocompatibility in respect of human subjects.


Design of dental implant prototypes based on nacre Filing of the first patents – First clinical cases in humans


First publications and conferences: emergence of international interest in nacre


Joël Drai sets up MEGA INDUSTRIE, a group specialising in the distribution of dental and pharmaceutical products aimed at healthcare professionals


Joel Drai sets up MEGA DENTAL, specialising in the distribution of dental and orthodontic supplies, quickly becoming a market leader

Key dates in the MEGA BIOPHARMA story


Decisive meeting of Joël Drai and the Doctors Camprasse, crystallising the setup of MEGA BIOPHARMA.


Building of our R&D laboratory and production site, in Teloché (Le Mans). Structuring of the company, with the appointment of Dominique Gourmelen as CEO.


Studies and publications with Professor Chappard (GEROM CGU Angers) on sheep. Validation of the osseointegration and erodibility properties of nacre. Collaboration with BPI France to support MEGA BIOPHARMA in the development of its fundamental research and in the production of medical devices. Filing and registration of multiple patents (in France and beyond).


First capital raising through private investors Development of the company via new appointments (Regulatory affairs, R&D, Product development, Marketing, Communication, Finance) and new collaborations (Doctor Marc Slama).


Opening of the Paris office, development of commercial activity.

Building of our new R&D laboratory and production site, in Crosne.

Publication by the Doctors Camprasse, along with Professor Chappard, on the osseointegration and the erodibility of nacre screws.

Since 2021

Publication by the Doctors Camprasse, along with Professor Chappard, on the osseointegration and the erodibility of nacre screws.