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The empirical results yielded and critical clinical cases handled by the Doctors Camprasse over the past 25 years encourage us to consider the development of dermatological products.

With the support of experts (dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, etc.), we’re thinking about the scope of possibilities – topical treatments based on Bionacre® – in skin repair and regeneration in medical dermatology:

  • Treatment and healing of wounds (bedsores, wounds, etc.) and superficial and deep 2nd degree burns
  • Prevention and treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars
  • Chronic inflammatory dermatoses (eg: mild to moderate psoriasis)



BLUE SKINCARE is a dermocosmetic repair brand, the result of 30 years of research into the mechanisms of action of mother-of-pearl, BLUE SKINCARE aims to promote the regeneration and radiance of healthy skin and to help restore dry and/or damaged skin. Discover our NACRE ÉCLAT and XÉRO.NACRE products.


Dental surgery


The Doctors Camprasse have carried out a great deal of research work and clinical experimentations in the dental field, either in their private practice (as dental surgeons), or in hospitals. The clinical benefits of using nacre in the dental field have subsequently been demonstrated repeatedly by the scientific community. MEGA BIOPHARMA scientific teams are actively working on the design and development of implantable medical devices based on Bionacre®, for dental use.


Nacre, a biomaterial similar to bone

Bone grafts, remedying loss of bone substance, bone reconstruction and bone fusion are being performed increasingly frequently in orthopaedic and traumatic surgery (vertebral fusion, vertebroplasty, joint reconstruction, traumatology, etc.). As a result, there is an increasing need for bone fillers. The ageing population and obesity are found to be the main reasons;


Veterinary care


The research work of the Doctors Camprasse led them to test out all of the intended applications of their biomaterial on animal subjects.

In particular, the Doctors Camprasse worked in close collaboration with veterinary clinics and equestrian centres in France and abroad.

They were thus able to demonstrate that all of the solutions based on their biomaterial are effective on animal subjects:

  • Repair and regeneration of hard tissue (fractures, subchondral cysts in horses, hooves, etc.)
  • Repair and regeneration of soft tissue (skin and muscle lesions)